New Site, New Beginnings

For quite a while, my personal site has been a wasteland. A product of neglect and apathy, it sat on a five-dollar-per-month Linode server, begging to be revitalized.

While my own site was on the back burner, I had created a static website for my father using the fantastic React framework, Gatsby. Working with a static site generator was such an enjoyable experience that I decided to revamp my own site using similar methodologies.

Fast forward about 6 months, and here we are. Instead of Gatsby, I am using a Python-based static site generator, called Pelican. The #1 trending programming language on Stack Overflow is currently Python, so I figured it was a good idea to apply it to a project.

I am hoping that a blog-driven personal site will not only teach me to become a better writer, but will also prompt me to actually update the damn thing on a regular basis. As with all things in life, only time will tell. Regardless of what happens, it's nice to be writing this post and embarking on a new journey.

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